As we go into fall we’re thinking

Face it, its fall. The temperatures aren’t what they have been. You buddies are back at college and the basics babes are thinking about pumpkin spice lattes. Its been a sweet summer for most of you and many great cars were built of refined this summer. There are those locations like Cali and Florida where here is endless summer and no dailys or winter beaters.

What does fall and winter mean to you ? Is it a chance to rest from a busy summer ? Is it a chance to plan next summers build or it might be period to bone up on parts and pieces for the build. But for us it planning and what we should do for 2019. Expand the tour, add partners, new locations, indoor events or just work on our craft. In 2018 and the shows we’re done this year we’re learned lessons, we’ve made mistakes and we’ll incorporate those in to our tour for 2019.

Well the last show of the year is upon us, SEMA or Specialty Equipment manufacturer association is the first week of November and it the real deal. Seems that every year there is more of crack down on getting a badge. I’ve heard even long time media aren’t getting badges this year. Well, StanceWars will be in Vegas chatting with partners, promoters and seeing old and new friends before we jet of for our Texas StanceWars and end our year.

I will take a minute that thank our sponsors and vendors for our tour this this year. We’re grateful for the experiences we’ve made and we hope that we’ve helped their businesses a little more. – mike

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About the Author@the_mike_tolliver Mike Tolliver

Mike Tolliver – Owner of Happenstance Events and its multiple brands for entertainment. Avid collector of european cars, father of two girls, nutty guy who attends 50+ car shows a year and cant remember a name to save his life.