As of now, we do not foresee any StanceWars cancellations due to corona virus. The current case numbers/facts are very low compared to other infectious diseases and car shows are low-risk environments. StanceWars Las Vegas 2020 is confirmed a (GO), StanceWars Seattle 2020 is 4months out and StanceWars Socal v2.0 isn’t until August. We have a few smaller meets planning outside Seattle and dinners like #WokandWheels that will be happening. Wash your hands and try your best to avoid touching your face. If ever conditions significantly worsen and event statuses change, we will post here immediately.

Any opinion based posts contributing to the “what if” social media-induced hysteria will be deleted. Look at the overall numbers/facts, people. We’re not forcing you to come, but there are tons of people begging to make it happen.