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The moment I heard about StanceWars

Story and pictures by Ryan Jouhari The moment I heard about StanceWars coming to Vegas, I knew I wanted to make the trip out there. Having friends drive up from Southern California for the Seattle show in 2014, this show had to be something special. I was so happy that 11 of my closest friends were able to make the trip...

A Vegas weekend to remember – StanceWars Vegas 2015

Story by Mike Tolliver  Video by Matt Rosendahl   I’m 36,000 feet over Tucson Arizona on the third leg of my trip and vacation. You thought this would be about Stancewars Vegas , and it is but you have to understand me and what I’m about to fully understand StanceWars and the Happenstance Event brands. Last august I was in San Francisco at...

Bamboo Knocks

  Why be like everyone else, our beater bamboo knocks are hella durable and cool as f*ck. Bamboo Knockarounds / Stancewars $25.00 // Knockaround Shades with classic StanceWars Logo on the bamboo legThese bamboo glasses with bag are cool as F*ck. The bamboo leg make's them tough as leather and easy to wear.•Eco-friendly sunglasses handcrafted...

Part One XXX Rootbeer with Marice Goodson‎

Part One XXX Rootbeer with Marice Goodson‎ Don't forget the visit our store

The backstory – GoldenGardens

The backstory by Mike Tolliver Its 7:39am and I’m sitting at light behind an RX7 and a Miata on 85th headed to Golden gardens. I’m not sure what to expect after last week arrive 2 hours early to XXX Root to find 1,000+ there early. As the cars race off I turn up the CD and drive as normal, soon...

Sean Rosendahl’s G35 Part 2

Sean Rosendahl's G35 Part 2 from Matt Rosendahl Some sweet upgrades

Seattle StanceWars 2015

YOU'RE INVITED! Tell a friend, to tell a friend, to tell a friend...RSVP HERE Happenstance Event Productions​ is pleased to announce our Seattle Fitment Event StanceWars​ . The Largest Fitted Stanced Event in the PNW and YOU'RE INVITED !!!!!!! An event in which premium car owners and wheel fitment nut jobs meet and showcase there incredible crafted vehicles in Seattle...

1100HP Monster Supra Function>Form

Story by Ryan Jouhari Pictures by Ryan Jouhari Browsing on Instagram a while back, I came across a video of this monster Supra doing some quick pulls. Already having a love for the Toyota Supra, I knew I wanted to get some shots of it. Fast forward a couple months, and a few shoots later, the owner Josh is now a close friend...

Did you get frames yet ?

StanceWars Plate frames  The license plate frame is black plastic with chrome raised lettering. Fits standard United States license plates (6" x 12"). Will look awesome with those custom wheels or just about anything else you put it on! #stancewars #ourlife #swag #bestanncewars #teamstancewars