We’ve been working with Group6ix on art for our StanceWars SoCal October 26th. I think I rally like how these turned out. Now the renders below might, might be the final view, but you never know. Now to work on the free shirt for #Top100, VIP and Display. Now these will be available after the show online at SHOP.STANCEWARS.COM


#Top100 is wide open for StanceWars SoCal on Oct 26th
We expect quality and are happy to reward owners with slot in our show. TAG someone that should be entering

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Sponsored by Toyo Tires – Griot’s Garage – Monster Energy –

Vendors or Questions – Mike @ Happenstanceevents.com

To Apply for #Top100 Car Show entry  –> HERE

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About the Author – @the_mike_tolliver Mike Tolliver

Mike Tolliver – Owner of Happenstance Events and its multiple brands for entertainment. Avid collector of european cars, father of two girls, nutty guy who attends 50+ car shows a year and cant remember a name to save his life.

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