What’s up Las Vegas StanceWars People !

Its an important week for StanceWars Las Vegas
– Major Sponsor announcements
– Major Social Media Influencer announcements
– Hotel rates end on the 22nd
– Our Schedule for the weekend releases

TAG those FRIENDS and lets get ready to party !
April 13-14 StanceWars Las Vegas
Las Vegas Tickets & Registration –> www.thefoat.com/483726

We’re super excited to be going back for our 5th year in Las Vegas the city of Sin! StanceWars Las Vegas is the Pre-event to your weekend in Las Vegas. Where else can you party till 5am and then sleep at pool the next morning ! In the next few days we’ll release the HOTEL ROOM CODES so you can book for you $40 -$90 nights rooms so you can save money party in Vegas !
Tickets –> https://tickets.thefoat.com/happenstanceevents

#Top100 is wide open for Registration along with VIP parking and other tickets options for the weekend. We’ll be bringing back Sophisticated Eurofor Sunday and have a killer European event.
Tickets –> https://tickets.thefoat.com/happenstanceevents

#whoareyouinviting ?? Its a weekend in Vegas and the tables are hot, the girls are fun and the show is insane !

Tickets –> https://tickets.thefoat.com/happenstanceevents