Mike’s Adventure to #StanceNation Houston

Words and photos - Mike Tolliver

Well it’s 6:12am and Its time for travel for another event. I don’t pack before, I kind of wing it. I need to load the content for StanceWars , Sophiscated European and all the other Facebook and websites before I fly out this am. I’m excited to see the scene and meet a few local giants at the show. I’ve packed a few goodies to drop and someone asked me to bring them a shirt at the show. (love that kinda thing.)


_MG_6622 _MG_6623

I love that Alaska airlines flies direct to Houston to Seattle. Yea #alaskaair . Maybe one day this blog will payoff and I can get some discounted air fare. Also sweet thing is decent connectivity in the air. I was able to confirm by car rental, look for a place to stay and get in touch with Giovanni from Futura Design Brakes and James from VIP’d Out who will be flying in as well.

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After arriving at George Bush International I grabbed a rental car and headed straight to the venue to see if they were loading the cars and vendors in. I was in luck and I noticed this slender tall man, it was Elvis Skender. Kicked back on a guard rail, one foot on the rail and observing everything. One hand on the mic to his wakie-talky, over viewing the cars as they went up the ramp. Some may find this hard to believe but I’ve only met Elvis once at WEKfest in San Francisco with Paul and Giovanni. It was a brief encounter meeting a leader, and I was just a guy with small site and a few events under my belt at the time. I readied myself and grabbed the camera I headed toward the tall man of stance as if I needed to I would walk by. I was lucky, Elvis knew who I was and said hello and exchanged some small talk.  He said “go in snap some pictures and we’ll talk later”. Keep an eye out for the interview with Elvis. See Day Two here


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