Good morning everyone, Mike here. Yesterday we had a surge of #Top100 tickets and I wanted to look though really quick. I only glanced at 30-40 builds of the over 100 we’ve registered and I wanted to give you a few words. I’ve opened enough tickets so we won’t sell out of #Top100 , but the quality in these i’ve looked at is very high. I’ve told you before , everyone gets a spot in the building but the chosen on the top floor will be the highest quality. I told you earlier in the week one of our judges will not be judging as he has applied and knows what quality it takes. Yesterday I had a team of guys start to apply as a team. So to get the end of the story fast, be ready , but take your time to step up the game. I predict 230-300 cars wont make it into the #Top100 but everything the build will blow you away. – thank you mike

PS – Super Tickets open Monday (all access)
PPS – Easter Sunday – better watch our IG

#Top100 is open to apply for the largest fitment event in nation.

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