A Quick Update – StanceWars NJ

– Most of the staff and I got home about midnight last night from another event one state over.
– Today we’ve taken (3) loads to the our semi for NJ so it could leave on time this afternoon.
– Our semi headed out to NJ an hour later but full of show gear, shirts and a lot of great giveaways from Griot’s Garage and many of our local Sponsors.
– We still a have some emails to send for #Top100 tonight. 
– GA sold out this afternoon, but we have reopened tickets
– Inside and outside the fence VIP parking is selling hot, these might sell out in the next 24hrs. “I.am.VIP” – “Informal”
– We’re working quickly on the flood of last minute vendor requests, and those spaces are nearly sold out
– Rain or Shine, folks realize we’re from Seattle, it rains there every day.
– ” I cant make it” now because ……. Sorry & thank you and we’re filling your spot and taking names for the list.
– SLAMMEDEnuff? guys are some the best folks to be working with along with Toyo TiresRoyal Stance and BattleGang. There are lots that are helping us, just these guys are going the miles for us.