Hi guys,

Curly here

SA has it’s own fair share of car “groups/cliques/gangs/squads” etc. While we have little to rival the scale of interaction between groups as large as Dapper and Cambergang, we have our own smaller groups of enthusiasts doing their thing and growing the scene in their own way, together. Some of the more notable groups have amassed hundreds of thousands of followers, while some have kept it strictly members only and remain under a hundred members. Either way, these groups have a common focus which is their passion for their builds, and assisting others in completing theirs.

Superdubz/Epicdubz is one such group which has been around for quite a while now, and the leader/founding member of this group is Muaaz, widely known and recognised for his bagged Golf Mk4, which was bagged before many of us in the scene had even heard of bags. This car has made its way around the internet many times in its various different incarnations, amassing fans on its way. Here you can see it in its most famous guise; ice white, aired out with OZ Mae wheels cleaner than your search history.

Another group coming up out of Cape Town is ResiStance, a group of good friends who have the same taste in hobbies, and get along like a house on fire. Their cars share very little, apart from the fact that they are all ground bound, but this doesn’t stop them from getting together and going for cruises in their passion pits. Naturally, a byproduct of these cruises is some epic shots of their squad parked up around town. Enjoy!