Thank you – Thank you, for taking the time to submit pictures and details about your car, we appreciate the opportunity to review them. We think your style will make a great addition to our line up of #Top100 vehicles we have planned for StanceWars SoCal on October 26th. Now many of you are new so please remember a few things. We consider the #Top100 process hard and anyone that makes it a winner in our books regardless if you a get a piece of plastic. #TOP100 badges and shirts are an honor. Our judges are ninjas and you’ll need to keep a sharp eye out , they don’t like to be seen with the book. You are #Top100 family now.  Roll in details for day of will come out a few days before, but plan on 2pm arrival time to get checked in with Patrick and gang. All entries come with (2) wristbands, a shirt and/or gift or sponsor goodie bag. All Cars will be provided with about 16×12 (1 1/2 – 2 parking spaces) to display your car in on the 3rd and 4th floor at Petersen at Night. Need an extra wristband? Get one online before the day to keep $$$ in your pocket.

Take a minute and RSVP & SHARE for the event at Petersen Museum  StanceWars SoCal Oct 26th 5PM to 9PM

YOU & YOUR FRIENDS are INVITED to StanceWars SoCal !!
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StanceWars is the ultimate fitment event in the nation. We invite wheel fitment nut jobs to showcase their amazing setups in a VIP style event. 100 truly chosen vehicles for our event is standard.    —> Tickets <—–

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