A break from Southern California for StanceWars

Photos and Words by Ryan Jouhari

StanceWars Seattle 2015, is an absolute must go to event if you haven’t been to it before. It started last year, when several friends drove up from California, and between seeing their photos and videos from the event, and their stories they told, I knew next year we had to go. Several weeks of planning went into our trip, figuring out schedules, booking flights, and hotels, but the day before the event came quickly! We would fly out that Friday afternoon, and would be in Seattle a few hours later. With the time we had the rest of Friday, we rode along with Mike, seeing just how much work really goes into these events. I have so much respect for Mike and his staff, who put an incredible amount of time and effort into their shows all the way up till the gates open. We arrived early on event day, to get some overage during roll in, and without the crowds. It seemed like the moment the first cars rolled in, they never stopped. The overall amount of cars blew my mind. The atmosphere was something we don’t see too much of in Southern California. Stancewars is executed to keep everyone of all ages entertained throughout the show. Unlike most shows, where you see cars parked and get bored after the first 2-3 hours, this event had you constantly entertained. With new cars rolling in and out all night, it was never a dull moment. This is easily my favorite event I’ve been to, and I highly recommend making the trip to go check it out. I cannot wait until the Vegas event in 2016, it doesn’t disappoint. Special thanks to Mike, Sally, Cynthia, Chris, Zach, and Matt for the awesome weekend in the PNW!


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