Story by Ryan Jouhari Pictures by Ryan Jouhari

Browsing on Instagram a while back, I came across a video of this monster Supra doing some quick pulls. Already having a love for the Toyota Supra, I knew I wanted to get some shots of it. Fast forward a couple months, and a few shoots later, the owner Josh is now a close friend of mine. The passion he has for cars can easily be seen through this build, and he shows no signs of changing that any time soon.


Why this car?

“I decided on a supra because I wanted to be different. The price range from a GTR, an M3 or a Porsche wasn’t too big of a difference, but I wanted something out of the ordinary. Something you wouldn’t see at your local car dealer.”

How many cars have you built?

“I’ve built two cars, well two in a half if you consider a motorcycle a build. My first build was a 2001 ford ranger. The only thing left stock on the truck was the doors. It had a full roll cage, full aluminum dash, Sparco bucket seats, long travel kit, trussed 8.8 with 5:13 gears, deavers, and 35′ general tires. Yes I regret selling it everyday, but it’s what led to the supra build.”

untitled-1282copyWhat was the hardest thing to do on this car?

“The hardest thing to do with the car was definitely buying it. It’s not easy buying a car that someone has already started building. The first day I went to look at it, it had an oil leak and power steering leak but it was one of those things you had to have. In the first month the car had a misfire and immediately went straight into the shop. 90% of the parts have now been replaced to my own likings or just broken over time.”

What do people not notice on this car?

“Probably how hard it is to maintain. People are in shock when I tell them how much time it spends in the shop. They hear the name “supra” and they expect crazy horsepower numbers with no issues but in no way it’s like that. I’ve caught 2 electrical fires, my fuel unit sender is broken, I’ve gone through 3 fuel pumps, a set of injectors, pulleys have all been replaced, power steering, etc..”


If you did this again, what would you not do?

” I don’t regret anything I’ve done with this project. I’ve come to meet a lot of great people and I am looking to meet more in the future.”


What do you think of people copying you?

“I don’t mind people copying me, I don’t think or really know of anyone copying me. If someone likes what I do then go ahead and do it! It’s part of life you know, everyone wants to be in the trend, no one likes being left out.”

What is your dream car?

“My dream car would probably be a CLK GTR. I’d do some really weird stuff to be able to own one someday.”


What got you into modifying cars?

“My family most definitely got me into building cars. My father always did something to the cars he owned. For as long I can remember from wheels and tires, to a crazy sound system. It has always fascinated me. I also think stock cars are boring, I’d rather see a 1993 Honda Civic with a huge wing and flames painted on the side than see a plain old honda.”


How long have you been into cars?

“I’ve been into cars all my life. When I was a little kid I would take my die cast cars and stab them with my dads Swiss Army knife to break them and later on try and fix them. This was up until I stabbed a car and the knife closed on my hand. Never again will I touch a Swiss Army knife.”


Current modifications
Complete wire tuck/fuse block relocation
Engine bay recently painted
JE pistons
Carillo rods
Billet mains
ARP studs
Port and polish stage 3 head
Ferrea retainers and spring valves / full kit
Kelford cams 280/280
Comp turbo, 82mm (gt47 style turbo)
2200cc injectors
Dual AEM 380lph fuel pumps
Aeromotive fuel regulator
Hypertune intake manifold
Hypertune 102mm throttle body
Hypertune fuel rail
Custom 6 inch chrome intake piping
Custom 4 inch intercooling piping
4 inch mandrel bent downpipe
4 inch exhaust with 4 inch Magnaflow
Unorthodox pulley kit (polished)
Titan crank pulley

TRD differential
1pc chromoly drive shaft
OS Giken quad clutch with OS Giken fly wheel
Upgraded V160 transmission new synchros
MVP billet shift bushings

CCW classics (fully polished)
18×11 front 285/30/18 NITTO 555R
18×12 rear w335/30/18 NITTO 555R
Ground Control coilovers
TRD sway bars front and rear
Front lip & AEROFLOW track splitter
Rear diffuser by shine design
Stillen side skirts
Abflug wing
Full carbon intercooling plates and fuse box

Carbon fiber in dash kit
OEM TRD steering wheel
Greddy shift knob
Greddy turbo timer
TRD 10,000 RPM tach
New leather interior
Pioneer graphic equalizer
Focal components
JL audio w7
JL audio 1000/1 amp
JL audio 500/4 amp
SVT battery
Not to exact on power at the moment as I redid fuel system AGAIN. On e85 & 1100cc injectors I made 890horsepower w/ 840 torque and daily drove it. My new setup is 2200cc injectors with dual AEM 380lph pumps, so I’m hoping on e85 to roughly make around 1100HP.

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