Ten things to try at the next meet 

Something nutty from Mike Tolliver

Form a plan – Talk with a few friends and hit a pre-meet and plan on sticking together to get parking near each other. Don’t forget about an escape plan to go do something fun after wards, cruise, pizza, drinks or photo-shoot.

Take some pics – Take few pics and share them on Instagram, Facebook whatever. Take detail pics on things that are different or things you would like to try.

Meet someone new – make a point to meet someone new, maybe a person new to the scene or a car like yours. You never know who the might be your new best friends, part supplier or sworn enemy.

Don’t drive your car – At the pre-meet switch cars with your friend, this way you can way you can see your car going down the road and see how others view your car.

Talk to owners – Take time to talk to folks and not stay with your crew. Seeing something new or different might inspire you to try something new.

Pick it up – Take two minute to pick up litter or anything you brought to the meet. Most people want to do the meet again in the same location and if you can help , help.

Reach out – Tell everyone that you’re going and what your plans are. Maybe then they can join you. Blog about it afterward, maybe give some input.

Volunteer – Sometimes the best time is working behinds the scene. You get in early, sometimes you get food or drinks, you might even get to help plan. You never know where this ca lead too.

Help that dude out – Every meet and I mean every meet there is one person that needs help. Cracked oil pan, flat tire, de-beaded tire or whatever. Take a few minute to help that person out, you never know who the might be your new best friends, part supplier or sworn enemy.

Think positive – Take the time to think positive about the day and have a fun time, that’s what #ourlife is about. If you are in shit mood, skip the meet and skip the drama you might bring with you.

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